Movie Review (4): Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

It is hard to find diversity among the numerous amounts of superhero movies that are hitting the big screen these days. However, Guardians of the Galaxy definitely adds diversity to the lineup.

I am very picky with my superhero movies. For me, it is hard to best Spider man and the Batman trilogy. Those movies take it a step beyond the classic superhero layout and add great characterization.

That being said, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is definitely a summer hit. I thought the overall plot was unique and not forced. I enjoyed the love interest between Peter and Gamora (especially since I have a secret crush on her myself). The writer, James Gunn, did a great job exploring deeper into the characters during this film.

I thought Drax the Destroyer’s part was kind of strange in the movie. He didn’t add much to the plot except for his hilarious one liners.

Baby Groot made the movie with his adorable eyes and his innocent personality. I am happy they found use for him through out the movie.


I also loved Stan Lee’s cameo in this movie; it is up there now with his cameo from Deadpool.

I thought the special effects were beautiful and realistic. The entire movie was colorful and intriguing to watch. It reminded me a lot like Star Trek with exploring new planets.

I didn’t think Peter Quill’s volume 2 playlist was as good as the first movie. I actually didn’t know most of the songs surprisingly.

I am excited for the third installment of this series. I am definitely not ready for it to end yet.

And I hope we get to see an adolescent Groot in the next movie!

What were your thoughts?


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