Writing Tip (1): Just Write!

This will be my first blog about writing tips. And I feel very strongly about this one. I’ve encountered numerous people who seem really devoted to writing but now it’s a year down the road and they still are outlining their plot, or starting over with a new story idea, or playing video games and saying they will get to it tomorrow. People ask me for advice and how to do it and all I say is–just write! Just do it! That’s all it takes!

Watch this short video for a perfect example:

Spongebob writes an essay

For those of you who are too lazy to watch it, here is a photo to sum it up:


Besides being absolutely hilarious, it is so accurate! It doesn’t matter how much you write. You just need to be more like Spongebob and sit down and do it! Some days you will only write one really fancy word and other days you will write 1,500 words. But you will write nothing if you don’t do anything.

So don’t hesitate. Get behind your keyboard and type away while shouting, “I’m doing it! I’m doing it!” Or whatever works for you.

Just write!

What gets you motivated to write? Share it with me below!



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