Movie Review: Logan

With its outstanding acting, well thought out plot, and ability to throw down some raunchy curse words, Logan was able to stand out with originality from its predecessors of X-Men movies.

Logan is definitely a top hit and a must see as a superhero movie, and as its own movie. It is able to go above and beyond all the original X-Men movies now that the R-Rated logo is slapped on there. We all know Logan as a man full of anger and bottled up emotion, but we finally get to see him really let it out in this movie especially with his use of F**k and S**t.

The Professor shows a different side in this movie. He is now a crippled old grandpa and cracks some hilarious grandpa jokes through out the movie that adds humor in this dark story, while still providing Logan with fatherly knowledge.

But what really makes this movie, is the stellar performance by Dafne Keen who plays Laura. She is only twelve years old, has little to no lines in the movie, and kills it! She is a rouge mutant who escapes a facility that is training children to become cold blooded killers. She does a great job acting like a real wild animal with her shrieks, screams, and cold attitude.


She reminds me a bit of Eleven from Stranger Things.


The message of the story is portrayed greatly by Hugh Jackman. He shows Logan as a bottled-up, lonely mutant; he is one of the last mutants alive. Logan believes that bad things happen to those he loves. But Laura helps break down Wolverine’s through out the story and helps him realize that what is most important in the world, is family and not being isolated.

In the end, Logan will go down as a classic in the X-Men franchise and also as its own movie. This is a great farewell to Hugh Jackman who played Wolverine for seventeen years. He will be missed. I hope Marvel sticks down this route of real superhero movies instead of the lousy summer hits.



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