Movie Review: Why Him?

A plot similar to Meet the Parents, with James Franco playing the Ben Stiller outsider role, and Bryan Cranston playing the Robert De Niro hard ass father role, Why Him? had its own unique qualities that made it an entertaining movie.

I went into this movie with low expectations mainly because I am not fond of James Franco’s acting, especially in recent comedies. He is a little too much for me, like his absurd character he played in The Interview. However, I was able to tolerate his weird sense of humor in this movie. James Franco and Bryan Cranston had a good rivalry and definitely made this movie entertaining.

But my favorite character overall was Gustav played by Keegan-Michael Key.


I think this picture explains it all. Key plays a flamboyant German who serves as James Franco’s servant through out the movie. Absolutely hilarious. I would see the movie just for experiencing this character. Seriously.

Beyond the overall plot, I thought this movie sent a good message out to all the millennials out there. I am especially going through the same mind set and change as Zoey Deutch’s character, Stephanie Hemming. Times are changing and people want support for their dreams, especially from their parents. They don’t want to be told what to do anymore. And that was what Stephanie Hemming had to struggle with during the movie.

It definitely wasn’t a classic like Meet the Parents, but I suggest giving this entertaining Rom-Com a watch.

Fun Fact: I forgot that Ben Stiller was one of the producers for this movie. Now the connection with Meet the Parents makes sense!

Happy movie watching.



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