Day 26: Go Hokies!

After a long four hour drive back to DC and a Mean Girls movie night with the roommate, I somehow got the motivation to wake up at 8:10 am on a Saturday and go to yoga. After releasing all the toxins and extra turkey still in my body from Thanksgiving I was able to get my creativity back in motion. I wrote a solid 2,100 words in an hour which I have not yet done before. Usually writing 1,000 words takes me around an hour. It depends if I am winging the scene I am writing or if I actually know what is going on and have it somewhat outlined. Today was a mixture of the two; it started off slow and not having a clue what I was writing about to everything falling back into place.

I then took a break and went to go watch the Virginia Tech vs. UVA game in DC with some friends. Virginia Tech killed them 52-10! Go Hokies!

I decided to whip out some more words before going to a concert tonight. I am writing the final few scenes of the story and I am rounding my way to 50,000! I cannot wait to be done with NaNoWriMo and be free from 1,667 words per day! To put it in perspective, it took me roughly three to four months to go from start to finish of the first draft of my first book. I am doing all that work in a month with the second book and it has been a crazy experience that I will vent about at the end.

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 45,245

The countdown begins…

Floppy Salmon


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