Day 9: An End of a Season

Tonight marked the end of another intramural soccer season. We got our butts kicked and did not advance in the playoffs. But hey we did better than last season with 1 win, 2 tie games and 4 losses…

Maybe I should find a different sport.

So with soccer done that means I can fill that time with more writing! Because I am definitely going to need it after the little progress I made today. I am still writing the first major plot point which I have split into four chapters: the twist, the act (2 points of view), and the conclusion which is followed by another twist at the very end!

I am still going to desperately need to find time to develop my world’s history a bit more to fix a few lingering plot holes. Once those are filled it will be smooth sailing…hopefully.

NaNoWriMo word count: 17,334

Happy writing,

Floppy Salmon


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